September 3, 2021 (Notice to Members) 

The scheduling and reporting of games on the RAMP Game portal and utilization of the Gamesheet APP will be mandatory as of October 1, 2021.  We highly recommend that all teams practice using the Game portal & the Gamesheet App for their exhibition games to familiarize themselves with the process before October 1st

An invitation from RAMP with the login access to the RAMP Game portal will be re- sent to the Main Administrator of the Association very shortly.  Also, an invitation from RAMP be sent to the Main Administrator for a tutorial session happening during the week of September 6th. This session will cover how to assign login information for each team and how to schedule games.

The OWHA will be posting a link of the session for review as well as the Q&A from the tutorial, in the days following the session.

IMPORTANT Registration requirements

  • All teams must have OWHA approved team rosters before the first game whether exhibition, regular season, or tournament game.
  • ONLY the players and staff listed on the approved team rosters can participate in team activities.
  • Tryout exhibition games exception ONLY - the rosters do not need to be approved since you will have players who are only attending tryouts and not registering for the season.  However, it is recommended that you do assign players and staff who are committed, and submit for approval then add & submit any additional players and staff as needed.
  • All paper gamesheets used in the month of September MUST be retained and must be provided to OWHA, if and when requested. 
  • All reportable suspensions must be reported by the team within 24 hours to stats@owha.on.ca



  • The RAMP Gamesheet app is designed for use on personal phones. It is supported by both iPhone and Android cell devices. 
  • The RAMP Gamesheet App will be available on the Apple and Play store in the coming days. 
  • In the previous RAMP Gamesheet App, there used to be a personal code, this has been removed.  
  • If any questions are OWHA process related, please contact OWHA at registrar@owha.on.ca
  • Teams are not able to edit a player beyond their jersey number. 
  • Teams cannot delete a player. 
  • The RAMP Gamesheet app has codes for the timekeepers, Home team, Visitor team and officials.
  • The RAMP Gamesheet app is not for parents or players 
  • The RAMP Gamesheet app may be used offline, the data would then be pushed online when data/Wi-fi is available. For this to work you need to have entered the gamesheet code into your account when you had internet access before the game in question. 
  • ?The four gamesheet codes (per game) are available in the backend of the OWHA Game Portal.
  • All Players and Staff will be pre-populated on the app after entering your specific code. 
  • Paper gamesheets are no longer being used. The app must be used. 
  • The only exception is tryout exhibition games, paper gamesheets can be used in this case. 
  • A training video will be created and posted soon.
  • No More Labels! 

NOTE: It is recommended that the timekeeper keep a pen and notepad on hand in the event they need to make a few notes and then go back and enter the information into the RAMP Gamesheet App.


IMPORTANT:  There are several very distinct RAMP portals and apps. 

RAMP registration portal - OWHA online registration platform -used by association registrars

RAMP Game portal - portal for administrators to assign logins for teams; schedule games & approve games

RAMP Team portal - portal for administrators to assign logins for teams; team rep creates team information    that teams can then access through the team app.

RAMP Gamesheet App - App on mobile phones for game details - used teams, timekeeper & referee.

RAMP Team App - App on mobile devices for team chats, covid screening etc. - used by the teams.




Who will be entering the league games, exhibition games and tournament games into the RAMP Game Portal Online?
For exhibition and league games, the HOME team will create the games.
For tournament games, the option to upload an excel file is being worked on. Additional details to follow.


Is there a designate that enters information or does every team have a designate such that RAMP synchs everything up?
This is your association’s decision.  Some association have one ice scheduler who may create all games or assign login access for each team to create their HOME games. The option to upload an excel file is being worked on. Additional details to follow.
Will there be support or information on OWHA website regarding the RAMP Gamesheet APP?
Yes.  On the OWHA website, there is an FAQ tab. Any information, Q&A, and Tutorials will be posted here for reference.


What happens if a referee doesn't have a phone or doesn't bring it to the game?
During the technological times that we now live in, it is not likely that referees will not have a smartphone of some kind.  However, if this is an issue, as most games require to have at least 2 officials on the ice, at least one is very likely to have a smartphone on hand. The individual with the phone can enter the necessary information into the gamesheet but entering the appropriate officials code for that specific game.


How will gamesheets be uploaded if there is no wifi or data connection?
To be clear, there is no uploading of a gamesheet through the RAMP gamesheet app. The app itself must be used to enter all the pertinent gamesheet information. See question 4 in regards to not having internet or data at a rink.


Do timekeepers need their own device (smartphone)?
Yes. Each individual that will be accessing the game sheet for their respective roles will need to have a smartphone on hand to access the RAMP Gamesheet app.


How will officials see multiple penalties with the RAMP Gamesheet app?
Each code is distinct for a specific role and game.  Once an official enters the official code for a particular game, they will only see the information that is pertinent for that game. If there were 2 or 8 penalties issued during that game, the officials will be able to see them. They will all be listed.


Can a laptop be used to timekeep a game?
There is currently no web version of the RAMP Gamesheet app available that can be used on a computer. There could be work arounds, but they can create significant problems and are not easy to navigate. It is advised that a smartphone be used so that the app can be downloaded to ensure that things are working as they should.


How will information be entered if wifi isn’t available and data is not accessible?
We advise all individuals who will need to access the game sheet to input the required code into the app while you have access to data or wifi and then open the game in the RAMP Gamesheet App.  This way the gamesheet information will be downloaded for you to use throughout the game.  If you do not have access to wifi or data and you need to input information into the app, please do so as the information is saved locally on your phone to be uploaded to the OWHA when your device picks up a wifi connection or a data signal.  It is important to ensure that you enter the code when you do have a signal, or you will not be able to see the gamesheet information to make any updates.


Do officials need to create an account to access the RAMP Gamesheet App?
Yes.  Everyone must create an account before the can access the RAMP gamesheet app.


Referees typically skate more than one game, who do they get the code in between games without service?
The scheduler or the association needs to provide you with the codes for all games in advance.
The timekeeper for each game will have access to the official’s codes.  If an official was not provided with the codes to their games in advance by their scheduler or home association, the official must check in with the timekeeper to get their codes.


If the timekeeper finds an error with player jersey #, can timekeeper change the jersey number once the game started?
Jersey #’s can only be updated by the respective team.  At this time, the timekeeper will not be able to make that change. It will be up to the Coach or the individual with the respective codes of the team that the player belongs to, to make the change.


Are players required to sign the gamesheet via the RAMP Gamessheet app?
Player signatures are not required.  The signatures of the HOME and the VISITOR coaches are required ONLY.  The coaches will accept the responsibility that their team information is accurate for each game.   There is no need to share a device, as each of these roles would have a sperate code that needs to be entered and each should have their own devices to enter the information on.


What happens if there is a last-minute change if you have signed off the sheet earlier in the day?
This would depend on the type of information that needs to be changed.  It is important that the information being entered is accurate the first time. The OWHA will receive live updates within minutes of suspensions being entered. If there are issues and changes need to be made regarding suspensions, the OWHA must be contacted via stats@owha.on.ca


How are suspended players recorded? Who does this?
The timekeeper is responsible for entering suspension information via the RAMP Gamesheet App.  This is no different than if they were recording a suspension issued to a player on paper gamesheets.  The same information now must be entered into the app.  The team MUST notify the OWHA of any suspension that was issued to their playerSame as before, the team will have 24 hours to report a suspension issued to their team (player or staff) to stats@owha.on.ca. 


Is covid screening included with this app?
The Covid screening is not through the Ramp Gamesheet App it is only through the Ramp Teams App.  Both apps are different and used for different purposes.
RAMP Gamesheet App is used by the home & visiting team, timekeepers & referees on their mobile phones for game details
RAMP Team App is used by teams on their mobile devices for team chats, Covid screening etc


If they accidently select that the game is complete, can this be unchecked later on?
You have 24-hours before the game codes become inactive.  All information must be entered into the app within the 24-hour time frame.


Is there a different code for every game?
The codes will be different for each game.  The same way you would have a different paper gamesheet for each game, you have a different code for each of the roles for each game so that that information pertaining to that specific game is available.


How soon before the game can game codes be generated?
Once games are scheduled via the RAMP Game Portal the codes are generated automatically and are available at that point.  There is no wait time once the game is generated. It is up to the team/association/tournament to decide how far in advanced they wish to provide the codes to the individual (timekeepers, officials, visiting team).


How do timekeepers get their codes?
The codes can be provided to the officials and the timekeepers at the discretion of the association.  It is up to the association to decide how and when they wish to share the codes to the respective individuals.


Do we download the RAMP apps from the AppStore? And is there a difference between Ramp Team App and Ramp Gamesheets Apps?
The app is available for download through the App Store or the Play store. 
You will be looking for RAMP Gamesheets app. This has a as the letter "G".
RAMP Teams app has the letter "T".
Both apps are different and used for different purposes.
RAMP Gamesheet App is used by the home & visiting team, timekeepers & referees on their mobile phones for game details
RAMP Team App is used by teams on their mobile devices for team chats, Covid screening etc


Are associations required to keep or record extra stats (ie; shots on net etc)?
It is not mandatory that associations keep those stats if they do not wish to.


Who can see all the stats, goals, assists shots?
Associations can go on the RAMP Game Portal to view the game information after the game.  The teams will be able to see information regarding that game. Any officials notes or comments will not be seen by teams.  Only the OWHA will have access to that information.


What is the role of the Team Statistician regarding the Gamesheet app?
The Team Statistician role is to create the games on the Ramp Game Portal. The association is the individual to assign this role to a member of the team and to provide them with access.


Do you have to scroll through all the penalties to choose one or can you search it?
The penalties are listed alphabetically, so that the timekeepers can scroll through. This was done this way because not all officials or timekeeper will know the codes for each penalty. This way they can find the appropriate penalty code by scrolling.  The penalty codes that are in the app are the same codes that are on the back of paper gamesheet.  This feature could be updated in the future, but at this time, the timekeeper will have to scroll to find the appropriate one.   We would recommend that the timekeeper have a pen and note pad handy so that they can record the penalty to the player, this way they can go back and scroll to find it as soon as they have the opportunity.


Do the timekeepers have to enter the official’s information prior to the game?
Yes. The officials must provide their full name (first and last) as well as their OWHA Ref # to the timekeeper so that it can be entered in the app.  This must be done so that the information will be recorded on the electronic gamesheet.  An official signing in using their code for the game does not record their information on the gamesheet.  If an official does not have an OWHA ref #, they can provide their city to the timekeeper who can then enter is into the field with the official’s name.    (Ex: John Doe - City)


How does a non-owha ref enter information?
All officials that are officiating OWHA games should be registered with the OWHA and have an OWHA Ref #.  If this does happen, the full name of the official must be entered along with their city of residence.  This is in the event the OWHA needs to reach out to this official if an incident were to happen during this game. See question 27 for further clarification.


Do all the RAMP programs, website, assignors’ program, apps all talk to one another?
Yes, all the RAMP systems speak to each other.


Is there a voice record option for reports?
There is no voice record option for officials to create their reports.  They must type in their notes or incident reports using the official’s code.  This information does not need to be added immediately. The official will have 24-hours following the end of the game to ensure that the enter the necessary information.  This is the same timeframe they had when using paper gamesheets.


Is there one login for all Timekeepers?
Each timekeeper is login into the gamesheet using their own device.  There cannot be one standard login for all timekeepers as each individual has to have a unique email and password to create their account to access the app.


How can the app be utilized during Tournaments which have their own Timekeepers?
This is up to the host association or tournament convenor.  Codes can be provided to the timekeepers for the designated games that they will be doing. Just as you would provide a paper copy of a game sheet for each game, you will be provided the timekeepers with a unique code for each game. It will be up to the tournament host / convenor to decide how to do this.


Can anyone enter the stats for shots?
The only individual that can enter stats for shots is the timekeeper, the individual that has the appropriate code.  This information cannot be entered by anyone else using one of the other codes.


Can you have the same account as both a timekeeper and an official?
No. This is a personal account and should not be shared.  The account that you create with RAMP is for you to access the RAMP Gamesheet app.  You must have the appropriate code for the role that you have for that specific game.  If you are a timekeeper then you must enter the Gamesheet code, if you are an official for that game then you must enter the official’s code.  The codes are what is needed to access the specific information.  The information that you can access is difference for each of the codes.


When does the new app release?
It is expected that the new app will be released in the coming week.  It has not yet been made available to the app stores.


Can stats be entered after game?
The different codes will remain active for 24-hours following the end of the game.  Any information pertaining to that game must be entered by then.  You will not be able to enter any information or stats after this 24-hour time frame.


What happens if the Timekeeper does not have a phone?
It is likely that this will not be a common situation.  Most individuals, teenagers do have a smartphone.  We will advise teams and associations to inform the timekeepers in advance that a smartphone is required to access the game sheet.  This way they are prepared.


Will there be a step-by-step video available for this app?
A tutorial video is being developed by RAMP and will be made available to members via the OWHA site once it is ready.


Can anyone register for an account or does the association have to assign accounts?
Anyone can download the app on their smartphone but will not be able to access information without the appropriate codes. 


Can other teams see all game stats on owha site?
All game results will be posted on OWHA website.


Can my Timekeepers create an account now? Or do they need to be connected to an association?
Timekeepers can create an account at any time, once the app is available.  At this time the updated app is not yet available.  If they download the old app now, they will have to update the app and create an account at that time.  We would recommend that they wait until the updated app is available.


Can the same code, for example timekeeper code, be in use by two separate people, or on two devices, at the same time?


How would an official view multiple penalties to verify when a player can come out of the box?
When the official uses their officials code for that specific game, they can see all the penalties that were issued for that specific game.  They will all be listed there for them to review.


Will the scores link up with myhockeyrankings?


If we need something changed, who do we contact?
If changes need to be made to a gamesheet, and the 24-hour time frame has passed, then you must contact the OWHA office via stats@owha.on.ca


During the game, sometimes the on-ice official needs to see the gamesheet, how does this work?
The official can access the game sheet by entering the officials code for that specific game.  The information that is entered by the timekeeper will upload to the gamesheet so that the official can see the details.  If there is no wifi connection, and the information cannot be updated live, the official will have to go over to the timekeeper to see the details via the timekeeper’s device. 


Will the app work on Amazon fire tablets?
The app will not work with Amazon fire tablets.


Can you advise if the period lengths are automatically entered?
No, the period lengths must be manually entered for each game via the gamesheet code that the timekeeper will be using.  This will not be available to enter under any of the other codes.


Has there been any problems so far, cases, where the app has stopped working causing an interruption to the game?
No, this has not been an issue. As stated before, the information entered on the app will automatically update as long as there is a wifi or data connection.  If there is no connection at that time, the information will be stored and then updated as soon as the device has a wifi or data connection. There should be no reason for a game to stop due to information not being entered or uploaded.


Will the OWHA host all completed games on their website for all to view. If so, when will this site be made available?
All scheduled and completed game results will be listed on OWHA website. 


Will tournament admin have their own login, as do the teams?
This is the host association’s decision. 


Is there an incident report function for injuries through the app?
If there is an injury to a player, the normal method of reporting the injury applies.  The OWHA Hockey Canada injury report must be completed and submitted to the OWHA office within 90 days of the injury.  This process has not changed.  The official at the game can certainly make a comment to advise us that an injury occurred at the game, but the team must follow the normal procedure for reporting injuries.
The injury report can be found on the OWHA website: OWHA/Hockey Canada Injury Report


What happens if the phone shuts down during the game?
If you are referring to a phone that has no more battery life, then simply charging the phone and re-entering the app withing the 24-hour time frame will allow you to access the information. If the phone turns off on its own, then a simple re-start and entry of the respective code will allow you to see the information.


Does the visiting team need to approve the gamesheet entered by the home team?
Through the RAMP Game Portal there is an option for the verifying the gamesheet.
The Home team does not need to verify the gamesheet, however, the visiting team can log in and verify the game sheet. This is not a mandatory feature, but it is a good idea for the visiting teams to do.
This is done through the Ramp Games Portal. When logged in under Games, the team will have an option to select the game they wish and click on the Verify icon. Under the Team Verification Status drop down the Visiting team can verify the game. The Club Verification Status is for the OWHA to verify the game. The home team does not need to verify the game.
Who do we contact if a game gets rescheduled due to weather or power outages?
As in the past, if a game is rescheduled or cancelled you must notify the OWHA office.


 Any questions regarding processes must be emailed to registrar@owha.on.ca 


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